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While Superman investigates the cause of the storm, Wonder Woman rescues a plane caught in its path and is mistakenly shot down by a Norwegian Navy vessel.Once aboard the ship, Wonder Woman is attacked by Doomsday.Etna to ask Hephaestus for weapons in order to defeat Doomsday.There, the couple is visited by Strife and Apollo, whom Superman throws into orbit after he insults Wonder Woman.In London, Superman and Wonder Woman try to come to terms with the fact that their relationship has been made public.As the world reacts to the news, Clark Kent investigates how the information was leaked before checking in with Zod at the Fortress of Solitude.Ares, in the New 52, was her warrior teacher when she was 12.She has a strategic, practical approach to battles where Superman, it's not like he rushes in guns-a-blazing, but he has a slightly less schooled approach to his attack." In August 2013 at Fan Expo Canada, Daniel said he wanted to create a book that "targets a little bit more of the female readership that’s been growing.

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In July 2013, DC Comics announced the launch of Superman/Wonder Woman in October 2013.Meanwhile, the Justice League of America intercepts Zod and are nearly defeated before the arrival of Superman and Wonder Woman.When the fight is over, Superman places Zod in custody in the menagerie at the Fortress of Solitude.Doomsday breaks Wonder Woman's arm, before vanishing into thin air.Once healed from her injuries, Wonder Woman takes Superman to Mt.

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