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Although the Bible does not say that the apostle Peter went to Rome, other Roman Christians who were alive in the 1st century AD have written about him. Peter's is a cathedral, it is not, because it does not have a bishop. On December 23, 1950, while making his Christmas radio broadcast to the world, Pope Pius XII announced that Saint Peter's tomb had been discovered.

Catholics believe that after Peter was killed, his body was buried in a cemetery where the basilica now stands. The building that stands here now was begun on April 18, 1506 and was finished in 1626. The pope is the Bishop of Rome, and although he usually uses St. There are four ancient basilicas in Rome that were begun by the Emperor Constantine soon after he made Christianity the legal religion of the Roman Empire in the early 4th century AD (300s). Archaeologists had been searching for ten years in a place under the basilica that had been covered up for about a thousand years.

The place where Peter died was marked, in the 1400s, by a little round temple called the "Tempietto" designed by Bramante. Peter is very important in Roman Catholic tradition because Peter is believed to have been the head of the Christian Church in Rome, and so he was the first bishop.

The main new idea that he added were 16 stone ribs to strengthen the dome.

He had got this idea from Florence Cathedral which had an enormous dome resting on eight big piers.

Another idea that Bramante got from Florence Cathedral was the design for the little stone tower which sits on top of the dome and is called the lantern. Instead of having a Greek Cross, he decided to change the plan to a Latin Cross, which had a long nave and aisles like the old basilica.

The dome of the Pantheon is ...metres (142.06 ft) across and the dome of Florence Cathedral is about ...metres (138 ft), but is much taller. Peter's was for it to be about as wide as the dome of Florence, and even taller.

No architect with any sense would try to design a dome without first checking out how these other two domes were made. He discovered that the dome of the Pantheon, which had been standing for nearly 1500 years, was made of concrete.

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