Advise for teen dating

She's a really cool chick, and we've been hanging out and seeing each other for a little while.I don't want to have to lie to anyone about it."Cody Simpson told E!But it can be hard to just believe that other people won't hurt you." —Anna, 16It's hard, especially if you've been messed around before, Anna tells Buzz Feed Life.

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"I used to compare myself to my girlfriend's ex-boyfriends all the time but it made her angry, so I stopped.

"My grandmother has always told me that I can 'sample the goods without purchasing'!

Admittedly, I've kind of stuck to that advice thus far.

For example, they care more about their partner's job and lifestyle than I would at this stage in my life.

Teenagers are reckless and don't consider the potential time scale of the relationship!

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    For those who are being in a relationship, remember what you learnt from your partner and how he or she changed your quality of life and had influence on your life.

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    Alcohol abuse is sometimes referred to by the less specific term alcoholism.