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Gavin was married to American singer Gwen Stefani, who is a judge on the US version of .

The couple ended their marriage in 2015 and are parents to three sons, Kingston, aged 10, Zuma, eight, and two-year-old Apollo.

If you haven’t got the idea by now then I would wager that this album is not for you.

Straight in, ‘Soulless’ is a frantic and brutal auditory assault. This continues with the next three tracks, although it would be remiss of me not to mention ‘Cries of the Nazarene’ as one to look out for; this absurdly catchy number is one I almost started singing along to on the tube. ‘Betrayed Chastity’ slows things down a little, with cantabile lead guitar playing sounding literally like tortured souls.

Initially shy, Gibson, who comes from a military family, didn’t get up on stage until he was 18, when his dad encouraged him to participate in his first open mic.

Strangely, he didn’t receive a similar level of support when he considered trying out for .

However, he was saved by a producer who heard him sing two songs, eventually choosing Gibson after a lot of thought. According to Gibson, the band (who also originated in Georgia) is one of his major influences.

His song of choice for the blind audition was “Losing My Religion” by R. He also said that song in particular is special, as, “It appears in random parts of [his] life.” His performance got Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton to turn around, and though all three were vying for his voice on their team, Gibson ended up choosing Miley Cyrus as his coach.

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(aka Pollo) – Guitar Alejandro (aka Guatiu) – Guitar Omar (aka Chato) – Bass Marco (aka Demon Doris) – Drums 1. There are some really interesting solo motifs, vaguely reminiscent of early Slayer to me, only better, and the whole thing is crisp and well produced.

Although they were formed in London, the group achieved most success in America.

The 51-year-old is the lead singer and songwriter for the British rock band .

However, the nine-to-five grind and Atlanta traffic was a major turnoff for Gibson, which perhaps helped lead him to appearing on was to be holding auditions for the next season in Memphis, Tennessee in January.

And it was a pretty close call, as he claimed he almost didn’t make it past the open call portion of the audition!

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