Intimidating xbox gamertags

Second, fairness: imagine the frustration someone feels if he or she spends hours working towards a particular achievement or rank, only for someone else to buy or get that rank without actually earning it.If you engage in solicitation, your account could be permanently suspended.Many enforcements are straightforward, such as suspensions issued as a result of harassment or profane content.However, other enforcements and policies may seem a bit more complex.A Gamerscore correction occurs on a player’s Xbox Live account when they gain achievements through the use of external tools and avoiding gameplay.Xbox Live is committed to keeping the service free of this type of behavior as it violates the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct.Cheating violates the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct.

A suspension of these features can occur when a user creates or shares inappropriate content through these applications in violation of the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct. It’s how other users see you in games, send you friend and game invites, and send messages.

Impersonation is any attempt by one person to imitate or act like another on the Xbox Live service, usually to give the impression of having authority or other “official” status.

Users who impersonate may threaten other gamers, attempt to phish for personal information, or intimidate people through other means while pretending to be an employee of Microsoft or partner companies.

Though it includes a wide-range of offensive behavior and communication, all forms of harassment have the common purpose of disrupting the gaming experience for other Xbox Live players.

Harassment violates the Microsoft Services Agreement and Code of Conduct, and the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team is strictly opposed to harassment in all forms.

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