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The woman, now 52, needs to wait 13 more years to waiver the language requirement, instead of merely 2 years according to the outgoing law, while her 60-year-old husband needs to stay 5 more years.

Thus, those aged 14 to 65 have to pass the language and knowledge test.

However, if the rest of Bill C-24—the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act—comes into force; permanent residents will have to stay in Canada for at least 1,460 days, including 183 days a year, during the six years before applying for Canadian citizenship.

Kerry Molitor, a Toronto-based immigration consultant with 12 years of experience, believes that newcomers see citizenship as the final step toward permanently belonging to Canadian society.

She points to the Conservative government’s “heavy-handed approach” to immigration.

“I hope that the remainder of Bill C-24 is thoroughly examined by all political parties before reaching the final stage of approval,” she says.

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